G R A N D   V E Y M O N T

Grand Veymont deliver a hypnotic sound between country folk and cosmic Krautrock. As if Tangerine Dream had taken care of the soundtrack for The Wicker Man.
— Balbra, White Lodge .fr

Born at the foot of the Vercors and now settled between Lyon and the Drôme des collines, Béatrice Morel Journel and Josselin Varengo have been working on multiple projects for years (Gloria, Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident, Baby B, Tara King Th, Deborah Kant or even Aquaserge), but it is under the name of Grand Veymont, the highest peak of the Vercors, that they decide in 2016 to form a duet and lay the foundations of a project tightened around their two visions. Everything is often a question of territory, the one where we are born, the one we live in, the one we leave, the one we cross, the one we see or the one we want to reach. Grand Veymont like a personal mythology, an echo, a mount to climb. Their grandparents having been resistant in the Vercors, the imagination is fertile, a cartography imposes itself, intimate, and the territory becomes playground. Far from the frames, obligations, duets, they refocus on their aspirations and adjust their sights. The desire for free and floating writing appears and their first attempts are exciting. Grand Veymont develops around a simple device and gives way to surprises, the game: vintage organs, a minimal battery, a drum machine, a flute and two voices. All born of improvisations and a pretty dizzying mastery. It is not a coincidence that, after a first EP released in autumn 2016, their new record (which will appear on February 16, 2018 at Objet Disque) is called " Route du vertige ". In 4 songs long format, the rocking is incessant between the foreground landscapes and the horizon. Everything is fascinating, details like areas of blur. Follow Grand Veymont is to accept leaving a territory known for another, less marked, where time stretches, patterns pile up, melodies interlock, where everything switches permanently. Their music could evoke the experimental side of Stereolab, or serial music perverted by a pop pantheon and abstract vapors, to what could be kraut if the Vercors plateau appeared on the cartography of contemporary music with a homing head. of systematism therefore, simply songs in French traversed by moods, desires, flashes. A beautiful program. 

Béatrice Morel Journel : organ, flute, vocals
Josselin Varengo : organ, synths, percussion, vocals