Bess of Bedlam

“An evocative lullaby” 

– Shindig! Magazine

Literature and music have frequently depicted Bethlem or Bedlam as a land of fools or the Babylon of degenerates since its foundation in 15th Century London. In 1683 Henry Purcell published “From Silent Shades" - introducing “Mad Bess” to the world. Bess escaped her imprisonment to tell the tale through the veil of the English Restoration.

A resident of Lyon, Fanny L’Héritier is Bess of Bedlam. Her arrangements employ a variety of instruments (classical and electromechanical pianos, 70’s analogue synthesizers, acoustic & electric guitars, banjo & dobro) with charm, whimsy and humour.

Folly Tales is OUT NOW on Digital, Bandcamp and Vinyl

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